An Insight

Kanineetech was formed on 4th January 2001 by Yuvaraj Krishna to become an all in one ICT service provider nationwide. The company has a wide scope of clients from basic single users and small companies to public incorporation where full office automation services are provided. Together with the continuous support from our existing client, suppliers, service providers and staffs, Kanineetech is destined to grow and provide services to more client and organizations. Kanineetech aims to become a total system solution provider and it is here to stay.

Our Mission

At present Kanineetech provides wide range of ICT related service under its 5 departments (known as Zones within the organization). Our mission is to satisfy the customers and clients by providing one stop ICT services ranging from basic computer troubleshooting to high end ICT services. The organization is ambitious to become one of the benchmark for the ICT industry in Malaysia and later for the international industry. The punch line “It’s All About Technology” is there to show our commitment towards the industry we have chosen to service.

Our Objective

Kanineetech provides highest quality of ICT services to client and customers. This requires our personals to understand clearly our client’s needs and wants and later suggest the best possible solution under the limitation of our client’s resources. Kanineetech is also formed to create an atmosphere of ICT branded generations in the future. To achieve this objective we are organizing our team with all the available resources and ensure that they are professionally certified and good in what they do. To organization it is implementing latest technological improvements before we provide them to our clients.

Kanineetech as a service – oriented ICT team whom is committed to design and produce easier and accessible ways to manage these responsibilities; produces better result which will be profiting the client’s organization in many ways. With the support from our clients and their organization, Kanineetech would be able to serve and suggest better technological measures to be implemented. Therefore it will provide more hassle free operation in our clients’ business environment.